Special Education

Special Education Side by Side’s special education day programme is a communication-intensive group programme, with a maximum of six students, where each student is given responsibilities and encouraged to be independent within their individual capabilities, and where children learn to manage personal relationships within a group and develop crucial life and social skills.

Goals are targeted both at individual and group levels, and life skills and literacy and numeracy skills are put into practice on a daily basis in real-life situations that will build sustainable skills for each student’s future. We believe that everyone has the ability to learn, and everyone also has the ability to teach and offer something to others.

Side by Side’s special education programme is attended full time, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday for children five years old and above, and it is primarily run in English. The day programme includes academics (language, mathematics, general social studies, general science, and optional Chinese), home economics, gardening, group music therapy, physical education (including swimming), creative arts, zoo visits, and targeted activities. All activities within the day programme work towards goals set out in each child’s Individualised Education Programme (IEP).

Activities are designed to work on communication goals, whether they be receptive or expressive, verbal or non-verbal, social skills, motor skills, behaviour goals, and independence, at levels appropriate for each child. Please note that we are currently unable to accept students with moderate to severe physical needs, those in wheelchairs, or those with moderate to several medical needs for our day programme.