February Highlights

This February marked the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Sheep. Eric, Max, Dominic, Eli, Ian, and Kester learnt to draw a sheep, and they’d like to share the instructions:

1. Draw a big cloud for the sheep’s body.


2. Draw an oval for the sheep’s head.


3. Draw two ears on the sheep’s head.


4. Draw four legs for the sheep.


5. Draw a small cloud for the sheep’s hair.


6. Draw two eyes, a nose, and a mouth for the sheep’s face.


7. Trace the sheep in grey marker.


 8. Erase the pencil.


9. Colour the sheep’s face, ears, and legs brown.


10. Show your sheep picture to your friends and family!

IMG_4250 IMG_4256 IMG_4418 IMG_4414 IMG_4423 IMG_4422

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